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About us

We are a crew of lovers who like to create with their fingers and assist others do the same. Our on-line keep gives a extensive variety of substances and equipment for needlework, in addition to ready-made kits for beginners.


We know how important it is to have quality materials to make your creation beautiful and durable. That's why we only work with trusted suppliers and monitor the quality of each product.

  • A huge selection of materials and tools for any kind of needlework.
  • Quality goods from reputable manufacturers.
  • Prompt delivery all over the country.
  • Consultation and support of our clients at all stages of work.
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Embroidery set "Spring Bouquet"


Includes all you need to create beautiful embroidery: cotton threads, needle, fabric with pattern and detailed instructions.

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Knitting needle "Ergo"


Knitting needles are made of oak wood and have an ergonomic shape for comfortable work. Suitable for any type of knitting.

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Jewelry making set "Vintage Collection"


The set includes beads, chains, clasps and other accessories for creation of stylish vintage style accessories. The set includes instructions and photo of the set.

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Wool yarn "Super Soft", 100g


The yarn is made from natural wool and has a nice softness and bulkiness. Suitable for knitting various items, from hats to plaids. 

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Why choose our store

We offer only quality needlework products to help you create beautiful and original things with your own hands. Our team is always ready to help and give advice to make your creativity even more interesting and fascinating.

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We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the materials and tools for creativity.

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